Green beer on Zelený čtvrtek

On Thursday 2 april 2015 I went to the Starobrno brewery for the first time to have a taste of the famous green beer.

The celebration of Zelený čtvrtek (Green Thursday, but known in English as Maundy Thursday) with green beers started in 2005. It was an idea of people from the Starobrno brewery

The city’s first green beer celebrations made headlines and in a short time the tradition of drinking green beer on Green Thursday spread to other parts of the Czech Republic. Starobrno increased its output and other breweries soon started producing Green Thursday specials of their own making. What they all have in common is their bright green colour. Zdenka Mindlová explains how beer turns green:

“The bright green colour is a combination of several factors. One is the use of a special malt which helps to achieve that colour, another is the use of certain herbs which are part of our secret recipe and the third factor is a green liquor which is added to the beer. So, all these factors together contribute to the unique colour of our green brew.”

Source : Radio Prague International